Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate and alleviate barriers that prevent people from maximizing their potential.  Our mission shall be accomplished through education, advocacy, and empowerment. We equip communities with resources, training, and partnerships to create positive change.

Who We Are

The Push Through Organization is a non-profit organization. Below is a brief overview of our vision and goals.



 Through innovative practices in education, we act as change agents for the future. We provide affirmations, motivational keynotes, professional development, classroom curriculum, and after school programs. Contact us today for more information about these great resources.



We inspire people all over the world to overcome adversity. We support and join projects that lead to positive change, and help bring resources to underserved communities. Please contact us for more information!



The Push Through Organization was created with people of all race, gender, economic status, and communities in mind and of focus! We have created amazing products, workshops, and programs to enlighten, encourage, and empower all members of society!  Please contact us for more information!

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Celebrating Push Through in the News

CEO & Founder, Jasmyn Wright, explains the global spread and influence of Push Through